How to Enjoy a Keto Easter this Spring

7 min readApr 11, 2022
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It’s been a long winter, and everyone is ready for Spring!

First, we celebrate Mardi Gras, then St. Patrick’s Day, followed soon after by Easter and we know Spring is right around the corner.

That means it’s time to shop for a pretty new dress and perhaps even a Spring bonnet — or maybe a new pair of running shorts and sneakers.

It’s Time to Celebrate Spring

However you celebrate, Easter is meant to be shared with loved ones.

There’s an energy that comes with Spring and an anticipation of the warmer days and balmy nights to come.

It means planting a garden or watching an outdoor movie, taking a trip to the zoo, or hiking in a nearby park.

Celebrating Easter with family means easter egg hunts and a fancy brunch or Easter dinner followed by a big, fancy dessert.

Like all holidays, it can be a challenge for people who follow a keto diet, so we want to offer some ideas to help you make this the best Easter ever.

Without having to compromise one bit, we cover everything including chocolate treats that you’ll want to make year round.

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How to Enjoy a Keto Easter

Let’s talk about an Easter staple — beautifully dyed Easter eggs.

Since most of us like to display our artistic creations for guests to marvel at, the general rule is to enjoy looking at them and then pitch them in the trash.

It seems like all those dyed hard-boiled eggs should make great keto snacks, but the truth is eggs, hard-boiled or not, shouldn’t be eaten after being unrefrigerated for more than two hours.

Besides Easter eggs, there are tons of great keto Easter recipes and ideas for brunch, dinner, and even sweet keto Easter candy and desserts.

The Perfect Holiday Keto Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is a perfect time to celebrate with family. You can gather everyone together for the traditional Easter egg hunt and then share in a delicious brunch.

Whether you host the entire meal or attend a potluck type of affair, here are some great ideas to try:

Blueberry Scones

Baking is more of an exact science, so we’ll share a recipe here that calls for almond flour, sugar-free sweetener, coconut flour, and heavy cream.

These scones have a prep time of about 15 minutes and can be prepared ahead of time making your Easter morning a breeze.

Serve with clotted cream or Devonshire cream for a decadent treat that will be remembered (and is keto friendly).

Granola Parfaits

Elegant to look at and easy to make, our granola parfaits use Vanilla Strawberry Granola, but really any flavor and fruit will work.

These simple parfaits are made by finding the prettiest glasses you can find — champagne flutes work great for something elegant or use mason jars if you have a more rustic theme.

Then just layer keto-friendly nut granola with sliced fresh fruit and Greek plain or vanilla yogurt. And top with a beautiful fruit garnish.

Hollandaise Sauce for Eggs Benedict

What? Yes, Hollandaise Sause is keto friendly.

The ingredients are simple and all within a keto diet plan: three egg yolks, a stick of melted butter, one tablespoon of lemon juice, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne (optional).

Our favorite way to prepare the sauce is using a sous vide circulator. Once the ingredients have reached room temperature You simply add the ingredients into a BPA-free freezer bag (letting out all of the air).

Then submerge the bag in water set at 165 degrees and cook for between 18 and 30 minutes.

Now remove the bag from the water and empty the ingredients into a non-metal mixing bowl. Using an immersion blender, blend the ingredients together into a smooth creamy sauce and serve immediately.

Mmmmm! Try on eggs benedict and just substitute the traditional English muffin with keto toast or sliced tomato.

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Breakfast Casserole

This can be prepared the night before and simply popped into a 37⁵⁰ oven for 30 minutes before brunch is served.

First, cook a pound of breakfast sausage in a skillet and set aside.

Next, whisk together 12 large eggs, ½ cup of heavy cream, two teaspoons minced garlic, 1 ½ cups of shredded cheddar cheese, and salt, pepper, and parsley to taste.

Spread the cooked sausage on the bottom of a greased 9X9 inch baking pan and pour the egg mixture on top.

Top with more shredded cheese and a little paprika for color and it’s ready to go.

Almond Flour Pancakes

almond pancakes keto flour easter treat nutrail

These are so easy you’ll want to serve them every day. For two people, combine 1 1/3 cup of almond flour with one teaspoon baking powder, ¼ cup of almond milk, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of vanilla.

Cook in a skillet with olive oil coating the bottom and serve with sugar-free maple syrup made with monk fruit.

Celebrate with a Keto Easter Dinner

Maybe a Keto Easter Dinner is more aligned with how you celebrate Spring. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with one of these main dishes:

  • Leg of Lamb — you can’t go wrong with Spring lamb. Roast it with garlic and fresh rosemary at 35⁰⁰ for 1 ½ to 1 ¾ hours to a perfect 13⁰⁰ (the internal temp will increase to 14⁰⁰ as the lamb rests before carving). You can create a wonderful pan sauce by adding ½ cup of red wine to the pan to deglaze after cooking.
  • Ham — use uncured ham which has been more naturally cured without the use of synthetically produced nitrates, but still has the great ham taste.
  • Prime Rib — so easy, just rub a standing rib roast with salt and pepper and put in a hot oven (50⁰⁰) for 10–15 minutes. Then reduce the heat to 32⁵⁰ and cook for another 12–13 minutes per pound or a meat thermometer reads 11⁵⁰ (rare) to 12⁰⁰ (medium-rare). That’s all. Now get ready for the applause!

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Keto Easter Sides

You need a couple of great sides to go with any holiday meal. Try these ideas:

Cauliflower Rice and Mushroom Risotto

cauliflower rice and mushroom rice nutrail

Sauté about eight ounces of sliced mushrooms and two cloves of minced garlic in butter and sale and pepper to taste.

Add 12 ounces of frozen or fresh riced cauliflower, ½ cup of chicken or vegetable broth, and ¼ cup of dry white wine. Let cook until tender.

Then add ¼ cup of heavy cream and ½ cup of shredded Parmesan Cheese. Stir and serve. It tastes like you spent hours. You can also add or substitute slices of fresh asparagus for a great Spring dish.

Keto Green Bean Casserole

Keto Green Bean Casserole nutrail

All it takes to make your favorite green bean casserole a keto Easter side dish favorite is to switch out the mushroom soup with sliced fresh mushrooms and a cup of heavy cream and omit the French fried onion on top.

Instead, try crushed Parmesan crisps! Even better than the original.

It Just Isn’t Easter with Treats

Now for the best part of Easter — the sweet treats, all keto-friendly!

Keto Easter Desserts

  • Keto Cherry Cobbler — try this easy and delicious cherry cobbler that uses frozen cherries, coconut flour, and Keto nut granola.
  • Pecan Granola Apple Crisp — here’s a warm and toasty dessert that uses fresh Granny Smith apples, monk fruit, and cinnamon — Mmmm!

Keto Easter Candy Treats

Try silicone Easter egg molds to form perfect chocolate Easter eggs:

  • Keto Cream Eggs Covered in Milk or Dark Sugar-free Chocolate — Try this recipe that explains creating chocolate shell using melted chocolate and cocoa butter to cover a delicious cream center.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Easter Eggs — Using the recipe above, switch out the cream filling with a mix of peanut butter, monk fruit sweetener, and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Works with milk or dark sugar-free chocolate as well.
  • Granola and Dark Chocolate Turtles — Here’s a recipe for Keto Granola and Chocolate Bark. However, if you mound the mixture, you have turtles that can be served as individual servings.
easter on keto nutrail

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There are tons of ideas out there on the internet, but these are a few of our favorites. Whatever you serve, just be sure to add some fresh flowers and pastel napkins and you’ll be set. And don’t forget to find the time to enjoy Spring!

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