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keto fish finger sticks recipe nutrail

These crispy and nutty Keto Fish Finger Sticks are a kid-friendly meal that’s easy to make with NuTrail Cinnamon Pecan Nut Granola.

We love quick and easy meals around here, and these crunchy granola-crusted fish sticks are one of our go-to weeknight dinners.

The flaky fish is coated in almond meal, eggs and Nut Granola for a flavorful and ultra-crisp dish ready for dunking into your favorite sauces.

best keto alcohols

If you are a keto diet aficionado, then you have all the details about what foods to eat and what to avoid, how to manage your percentages, and where you can find indulgences for that special holiday.

But what about imbibing in an adult beverage?

Woman preparing healthy keto diet snacks

We’re all on the move, whether it’s out in the world or jumping between homeschooling and that next Zoom call!

Here are some great ideas for keto diet snacks that will keep you on track with your keto lifestyle. They’re divided into two sections: 1) easy to make ahead, and 2) buy ready-made and ready to go.

With these best ‘easy-to-prep or get’ keto snacks, you don’t ever have to feel deprived or go hungry until the next meal.

Best Keto Snack Recipes to Make Ahead

These ideas and recipes can be made ahead and eaten straight out of the fridge or heated briefly in the microwave…

They make up over 75% of your daily food intake while giving many foods their flavor and taste.

Whether snacking, drizzling, or cooking, how much do you know about the keto diet fats and oils most beneficial to your successful keto plan?

First, Don’t Be Overwhelmed

When you start eating a keto diet, it can often feel overwhelming to consider a diet made up of 75% fats and oils.

And it doesn’t help when you see something negative about the keto diet — it usually has something to do with the amount of fat in the diet (although they are usually talking about animal…

These easy four-ingredient Keto Granola Bars are made with NuTrail Cinnamon Pecan Nut Granola and your favorite nut butter for a low-carb and portable snack.

Back to school season is here, whether we’re ready or not.

And while schedules get busier and the weather gets cooler, the long, lazy days of summer can quickly become jam-packed and hectic.

It’s all too easy to let your best eating intentions slip when there are more demands on your time.

So one way to stay ahead of things and keep yourself on track is to plan ahead.

Instead of letting hanger get the…

Image of sliced avocados — the healthy fat keto diet weight loss after pandemic

So you are emerging from lockdown, and, like a lot of people, you find yourself confronted by the dreaded ‘Quarantine 15’! Or, more gently, ‘COVID Curves’.

It shouldn’t be a surprise — between the stress, change in work routines, and gym closures, everybody looked to comfort food as a respite from the long hours of isolation.

Now that things are opening up and life is resuming a more normal pace, a look back shows us that there was a 238% rise in flour sales (pun intended) and General Mills experienced a 75% boost in their bottom line due to sales…

Keto strawberry shortcake with buttery almond flour biscuits, sweet strawberry sauce and light-as-air whipped cream is a dreamy summertime dessert that happens to be low carb and full of all-American flavor.

When strawberry season arrives, we’re all about looking for new keto-friendly ways to enjoy the summer bounty.

So naturally, strawberry shortcake is a must-have summertime favorite.

Our version of this nostalgic treat stays low carb with a few ingredient swaps.

Most importantly, instead of doughy or dry shortbread biscuits made with wheat flour, our buttery biscuit mix makes sweet, crumbly and rich shortbread cakes for your dessert that even…

This crunchy Granola-Chocolate Bark is an easy, two-ingredient dessert that’s keto-friendly and a delicious way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

This granola bark recipe is both a stashable source of chocolate to keep on hand and a thoughtful homemade gift idea. It’s quick and easy to make with two simple ingredients. Plus, there’s no cooking necessary (unless you count the microwave as cooking), which makes this a great recipe for the summer. You get the satisfaction of a sweet homemade treat without turning on the oven.

And best of all, this chocolate bark is totally keto-friendly! …

If you did research before starting the keto diet plan, then you have probably read about its early origins as a treatment for children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

Dating back to the early part of the last century, ketosis was found to help control the unhealthy fats that were suspected of triggering seizures.

Revived in the 2000s, the keto diet plan is now massively popular with people of all ages for its use as an effective weight-loss method. In fact, it has become so prevalent that it has significantly impacted food manufacturers and restauranteurs as people search for healthy eating alternatives.

Surprises on the Keto Diet Plan

Picture of fresh salad — common keto myths

A lot has been written about the keto diet since it began gaining popularity in the early 2000s. While most of it has been good, inevitably some of it has been less than flattering and often littered with myths and misunderstandings.

Since its inception as a treatment for children with epilepsy in the 1920s, the ketogenic diet was largely replaced over time with antiepileptic drug therapy as a treatment. However, decades later, it was a 1994 episode of the Dateline TV program featuring a segment on a two-year-old epilepsy patient that brought the keto diet back into the spotlight.



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